I introduce myself, I'm Georgio Bonati and with my son Gianluca I lead our farm in the countryside of Parma. Ours is a family farmers by four generations. Today we have about 100 cows that produce milk for Parmigiano Reggiano cheese making. We produce our Parmigiano Reggiano only with milk from our cows, eat hay grown on our fields: we are a completely farm, from the food for our animals, milk producing, processing into cheese until the sale, everything is taken care of and managed by us. This allows us to have a great quality product, followed in every detail with precision and care, so as to achieve a perfect traceability.
Our cows eat mostly centennial meadows hay that contains herbs and essences now unknown and unavailable in the most recently fields The particular richness of hay that gives the milk to the cheese and then some unique flavors. The food and rest 'consisting of mixtures of cereals, maize, barley and soybeans. The whole production process is strictly traditional. Our Parmigiano Reggiano when he reaches 2 years of seasoning is reappraised by experts of the Consortium, and only the exceptional rounds at proper maturation are marked with the second mark, "EXTRA", only the best at this point reach 3 years or even the 4-5-6-7-10 years of seasoning. And here that our choice to privilege the long maturing is rewarded: our Parmigiano Reggiano becomes the extraordinary qualities, awarded in many international competitions and sought by the best restaurants in Italy and worldwide. The Guide "Cheese of Italy" by Gambero Rosso awarded the "Three Slices of Cheese" in our 3 years and the prize "Star Player" to 7 years. The Kitchen Academy ALMA directed by chef Gualtiero Marchesi, has awarded with Gold Medal 2012 ALMA CASEUS for our aged 28 months.
We'll be waiting your visit in our farm to show you our job. Perhaps you will find us to milk the cows or on tractor to pick up the hay, if you call the phone might hear the roar in the background of our animals. And 'this is our job and we are proud of this, as well as our Parmigiano Reggiano..
See you soon.
Giorgio and Gianluca Bonati.